DROC Athletes

Introducing the boys behind the golf sets.

  • Nikki


    We’ve heard Nikki being described as the sales man of the family, the one who can convince people to believe in whatever he’s selling. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

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  • Dimond


    Dimond… AKA family cynic. Dimond is known for being blunt, and having that subtle style of humor like his dad. We could also call Dimond the Family favorite.

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  • Noa


    Hey it’s our favorite, Pokemon and Youtube fanatic! Noa is one of a kind, and easily the most handsome nine-year-old out there. He’s what I like to call Mr. Independent.

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  • Mica


    Mica is the most personable out of all of us. At only six years old he has social skills that even the most awkward of us wish we could pull off.

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