How To Size Golf Clubs For Kids





Here are Some Insights on How to Find the Right Club Size


Manufacturers are producing great products for Juniors ...Here are some tips:



A. Study the age and size charts

B. Make sure there is room to grow: (it is ok to “choke up” on the club 1.5” to 2” )

C. Make sure the Driver has good length for head speed



Shaft Flex:

A. Have a more flexible shaft for the junior golfer.

B. The modern graphite shafts are engineered for light weight with proper flex




A. Light weight and balance is important for the developing golfer

B. Lighter weight for juniors make it possible for repeatable swings.

C. Light weight drivers improve head speed. Distance is enhanced with head speed.




A: The junior golfer needs good length on the grip with a smaller diameter.

B: The grip should feel comfortable, not like a ball bat.



Club Set Size:

A. The sets with more club options will allow for the young golfer to be able to learn how utilize different clubs for different lies.

B. The smaller sets will simplify club selection for the younger or less serious golfer.

C. Club set size is mostly ones goal (the occasional round with grandpa or learning and competition). 

D. Either way the clubs will all get used when you get them on the course.