Droc Signature Competition Clubs

With the Dimond irons, droc wanted to create a model that would perform to a very wide group of golfers, from beginning golfers all the way to tour players with refined swings. This required the design team to not only think about the distances, forgiveness and playability of the irons, but also sound, feel and looks. droc created a stunning blend of performance and styling with the Dimond irons that delivers longer distances with a soft feel and sound that rivals many high-tech forged clubs out there as well as being some of the best looking clubs out there.

Ultra-thin face and enhanced pocket design

One of the ways the S&D product team produced more distance out of the irons without having to bulk up the size was by enhancing the weighting design with TST Technology, which is available in the irons. Unlike other cavity pocket designs, the updated technology extends all the way through to the bottom cavity. The ultra-thin faces combined with the refined pocket work together to create an energy rebound effect at impact that converts this energy into higher ball speeds, launch, distance and also more consistency through the set. The designers moved some of the weight from the sweet spot to the perimeter, which creates a more stable club at impact and offers more forgiveness.  All this being said you would actually have to be a computer to really tell the difference, the truth is these are a well balanced club that makes the most of your swing, but you still have to hit the face for the rest of the technology to work.